Dagger Games is established 2002 in Bulgaria. We are software design and visual entertainment studio focusing on computer games.
Our goals are to develop inovative and competive titles.

Prior to our entrance into the game industry, Dagger Games lead the development for products based on 3D engine. With perspective and ambitious team aquiring latest game producing techniques the studio have gathered all neccessary to be in the business.

We are excited about starting a new company and having the opportunity to execute on a good and complex titles which both shares creation of great gameplay and graphically are compareable to any interactive entertainment experience to date. Based on own software technology our products are about to be successful.

Hristo Velchev (Agrippa) - Project Manager - Storyboard, Concept guidelines, Level design.

Boian Mitev (BokoWar) - Lead Artist - 2D Concept art, Textures, Level design, Game design.

Momchil Hristov (Ovonaird) - 3d artist.

Viktoriq Gospodinova (Viki) - 2D texture artist.

Nikola Nikolov (Dunbar) - Programmer.

Lubomir Rusev (Lubo) - Programmer.

Nadezhda Koycheva (Nadia) - Programmer.

Mihail Nikolov (Mishaka) - Programmer.

Stefan Georgiev (Raverman) - Programmer.

Alexander Miltchev (BlackDahlia) - 3d artist - 3d modeling, Animation, Scenario-writer.

Marin Krunzov (Bai Marin) - Designer - 3D Modeling.

Ljubomir Goshev (.lubo) - Composer - SFX designer.



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